Custom song for you or a friend
Custom song for you or a friend

Custom song for you or a friend

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It's BACK!

Hire the Ghost Wolves to write you a custom song!

These make perfect gifts for birthdays or other special occasions. Order it acoustic or hire us to go into the studio with your song and make it a rocker!

Songs will be written and recorded to video and mp3, and will also be available as upgraded bundles with custom cover art by Carley, CD’s, and as a one of a kind lathe cut vinyl made by Old Faithful Records in Austin, Texas. 

How it works: Email us at with your order # and as much info as possible about the person you want the song to be about. Include their favorite foods, activities, music, things they hate, things they love, people they love, funny quirks or whatever other juicy details you can give us about the person so we can include it in the song. If you don't want the song to be about a specific person, feel free to just gives us your ideas and we will write about them!

Note: All songs come as acoustic versions for the basic packages. Would you like us to cut your song in full electric punk rock glory in our studio? Select the "electric studio" version of your package (+$200). 

For orders that include custom art, please also include your favorite photo of the person. We will write it up, then record it to video and send you the link. You will have the video forever and can share it with anyone you want. And for physical orders we will produce said physical product and mail it you.

Note: these are done first come/first serve and while we will work to deliver songs by a certain date, we can't always guarantee a specific delivery time. But, talk with us and we can see what's possible! Feel free to reach out


Here's what we're offering: 

Bundle #1: We write a song about you or a friend with the info you provide, record a video of us playing it, as well as an mp3. You get the video file, a YouTube link and the mp3 delivered by email to share with the person and anyone else you like.

Bundle #2: Get the YouTube video, video file, MP3 and a custom CD package with cover art by Carley. Signed by the band. 

Bundle #3: Includes YouTube video, video file, MP3 plus a one of a kind lathe cut vinyl with custom cover art by Carley. Signed by the band. 

Bundle #4: Get it all! Digital, CD and vinyl package! The works! Delivered to your door.




Note: Ghost Wolves retain all publishing, writing and master rights associated with the custom song. Songs are only for personal use by the customer. Songwriting and recording is time consuming, so we do not guarantee a specific delivery date, but if you have a time frame for your order (like a birthday!), please tell us and we will work to get it to you by that date.