photo by Giles Clement


The Ghost Wolves were born in the sweeping hills of central Texas, in a crooked little house nestled among the oak trees, buzzard roosts, coyote dens and armadillo burrows. Carley grew up here on her family's farm, a magical place where her dad rescued and raised animals of all types including a pack of 11 gigantic white wolf hybrid dogs. The land here is rugged and wide open, former Comanche territory, later settled by German pioneers, the true wild west of lore. Carley (guitar) met Jonny (drums) ten years ago, started a band, got married, and they have been making their own musical history ever since. To date, they have a decade of creative endeavoring between them, performing over a thousand shows in 30 countries across the planet, releasing records on labels big and small, touring, writing, recording and making their art together. With a tough blues punk sound, minimalist aesthetic and an irresistible energy, they have built themselves a supportive and loyal grassroots following on a global scale. Their latest records are a series of 7" vinyls, Crooked Cop (Third Man Records, 2019) and Let's Go To Mars (Dirty Water Records, 2020). 

They are currently recording their third LP album and sewing cotton masks for sale and donation to emergency services during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


The Ghost Wolves play Silvertone Guitars, Eminence Speakers, Earthquaker pedals, and whatever dirty old drums Jonny can get his hands on.



In Ya Neck!  (Pau Wau Records, 2011)

Man, Woman, Beast (Plowboy Records, 2015)

Getchya Hip Thrust feat. BP Fallon (Pau Wau Records, 2016)

Texa$ Platinum (Hound Gawd Records, 2017)

In Ya Neck, v2 (Romanus Records, 2018)

Z66 (Warner Records, 2019)

Crooked Cop (Third Man Records, 2019)

Let's Go To Mars (Dirty Water Records, 2020)