The Ghost Wolves are deeply rooted Texas rock n' rollers, relentless creators, indestructible sonic voyagers who started their band in a damp Austin shack 11 years ago and have since grown it into a globally recognized musical force. For the last decade they have worked relentlessly in the independent music world. Carley (guitar/vox) and Jonny (drums/vox) have released music on Jack White's eclectic imprint Third Man Records, collaborated on a clothing line with Japanese fashion house Hysteric Glamour, had their songs used in film and TV by networks such as HBOShowtime and Netflix, self-produced their videos and records, all the while touring the world without pause.

 Wolf (guitar/vocals) and Jonny Wolf (drums/vocals) have played thousands of shows together, appearing in every nook and cranny that live music can possibly be hosted in - ancient Roman ruins, dungeons, caverns, gilded theaters, churches, massive Tokyo nightclubs, counterculture squats from Berlin to Milan, old wooden barns in the midwestern USA, steamy basement shows around the world and huge open air festival stages. Their music is transgressive, ferocious, unstoppable, and primarily based in blues, punk rock, rock n' roll, early American music, trash, and noise music. 

Attending a Ghost Wolves live show is an electrifying experience. A variety of instruments set the stage, with several flavors of guitars present, including a one string and a wolf head shaped 6 string that is half bass and half guitar. Jonny plays a stripped down vintage Japanese drum kit with an analog synthesizer and effects array set behind the floor tom. Carley floats across the stage like a Haint, moving through the air in slow motion with her white cowgirl boots and custom leather outfit clinging to her sinewy frame. Her voice is naturally pitched Betty-Boop high, and her vocal lines soar over the tough, distorted instrumental sounds coming from their amps and drums. The crowd surges, dances, sweats, roars, strips down and throws themselves directly into the band's sonic detonations. And when the show is over, Carley and Jonny will reappear by the merchandise table with a real life pack of wolf-dog hybrids, 150 pounds each, arctic white - their constant travel companions, security team and road crew, from which they draw their name. There is no other band like them in the known universe or beyond. This is a distinctive happening to behold. Everyone must see a Ghost Wolves show. 

In 2020, Third Man Records released Crooked Cop/Day Will Follow Dawnadding The Ghost Wolves to their roster of artists including luminaries such as Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Loretta Lynn, The Stooges,  Lightnin' Hopkins, and Screamin' Jay Hawkins, as well as contemporaries like Alabama Shakes, Dinosaur Jr., The Kills, The White Stripes and The Dead Weather. 

The Ghost Wolves have opened tours for Wanda Jackson, All Them Witches, Bob Log III, Scott H. Biram, Alejandro Escovedo, The 69 Eyes, Drivin N’ Cryin and The Dead Boys. They have performed at international music festivals such as SXSW, Austin Psych Fest, Electric Picnic and Fusion Festival. 
Their latest releases are a pair of albums Never Die (released June 2022) and WOLKFEEPER (released October 2022)

Carley Wolf plays Silvertone Guitars, Ewol Guitars, Eminence Speakers, Earthquaker Devices pedals. Jonny plays whatever dirty old drums he can get his paws on.

Band photo by GILES CLEMENT




In Ya Neck!  (Pau Wau Records, 2011)

Man, Woman, Beast (Plowboy Records, 2015)

Getchya Hip Thrust feat. BP Fallon (Pau Wau Records, 2016)

Texa$ Platinum (Hound Gawd Records, 2017)

In Ya Neck, v2 (Romanus Records, 2018)

Z66 (Warner Records, 2019)

Crooked Cop (Third Man Records, 2019)

Last Man/ Let's Go To Mars (Dirty Water Records, 2020)

Ghost Series Vol. 1 - How The West Was Won - Love To Blaze Foley (Old Faithful Records 2021)

Ghost Series Vol. 2 - People Ain't No Good - Love to The Cramps (Old Faithful Records 2021) 

Fast (2300 A.D.) - (Lunch Records, 2021)

Never Die (Independent, 2022) 

WOLFKEEPER (Independent, 2022)