photo by Giles Clement

Carley and Jonny Wolf aka The Ghost Wolves have a decade of creative work between them, performing over 1,000 shows in 30 countries across the planet, producing videos, endlessly touring, writing and recording their music. Their sound is transgressive, ferocious, and deeply rooted in blues, rock n' roll, punk rock, and forms of primitive American music. Their incendiary live shows and effervescent energy have helped them attract a loyal grassroots following on a global scale.

The Ghost Wolves have opened tours for musical heroes Wanda Jackson, All Them Witches, Bob Log III, Scott H. Biram and The Dead Boys. Their music has been featured in film and TV by Netflix, HBO, MTV and Showtime, and for 6 years running they have collaborated with Japanese fashion house Hysteric Glamour on a line of clothing that is featured in the brand's 48 stores across Japan, Singapore and China. In 2020, Third Man Records, the eclectic Jack White helmed record label, released Crooked Cop/Day Will Follow Dawnadding The Ghost Wolves to their roster of artists including legends such as Muddy Waters, Loretta Lynn, Neil Young, Patsy Cline, Cat Stevens and The White Stripes.

Their latest releases are a series of 7" 45 RPM vinyls - Last Man/Let's Go To Mars (2020, Dirty Water Records), Ghost Series Vol. 1 - How The West Was Won (Love To Blaze Foley), and Ghost Series Vol. 2 - People Ain't No Good (Love to The Cramps) 

The Ghost Wolves are currently self-recording their third LP album at their home studio, taking time off from touring while the pandemic ravages the world, and hanging out with their rescue dogs - Sasha (130 pounds) and Dakota (150 pounds). 

Carley Wolf plays Silvertone Guitars, Ewol Guitars, Eminence Speakers, Earthquaker Devices pedals. Jonny plays whatever dirty old drums he can get his paws on.



In Ya Neck!  (Pau Wau Records, 2011)

Man, Woman, Beast (Plowboy Records, 2015)

Getchya Hip Thrust feat. BP Fallon (Pau Wau Records, 2016)

Texa$ Platinum (Hound Gawd Records, 2017)

In Ya Neck, v2 (Romanus Records, 2018)

Z66 (Warner Records, 2019)

Crooked Cop (Third Man Records, 2019)

Last Man/ Let's Go To Mars (Dirty Water Records, 2020)

Ghost Series Vol. 1 - How The West Was Won - Love To Blaze Foley (Old Faithful Records 2021)

Ghost Series Vol. 2 - People Ain't No Good - Love to The Cramps (Old Faithful Records 2021)